And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 During such hard times, in the midst of a pandemic, when the world is forced to take a seat and think about what’s going on, it sometimes gets […]

lest we give up

I believe in the Word of God. I have reason, beyond doubt that God is not a man that H should lie. I have known Him long enough to doubt His promises. So, when He says that He will surely bring to completion whatever good work He started in your life, He means just that; […]

His power, His witnesses

HIS POWER, HIS WITNESSES Around us, there exist not a single or just a few, but actually many cathedrals that attract many people. These range from sports, entertainment theaters, to overnight clubs. It is however, a painful thing that most of these people are a generation living in darkness; in dire need of the savior, […]

let it be, but not before

If I should love her let it be, with the love that You have loved me, so sweet; But not before I am completely immersed and filled with Your love so deep. If I should capture her heart let it be, with Your kindness so true and sincere; But not before I, first, am enamored, […]

why we should all quit then…

“I have been in this thing called Christianity for a while, it’s not been an easy one. There is little that I have not done, from missions to bible studies to prayer kesha’s, to leadership roles and conferences. I have even preached. I wish I were able to say that am now a few inches […]

Brace for impact…rent is coming

Over the past few days, dark cloud have gathered over us, doomed over our heads and gloomed before our faces. Our pockets have been dipped, our hearts shaken and our spirits broken. Everyone is talking about it, but solutions seem far and wide. Most are broke not just in the pockets but more importantly in […]

Excellence by Bro John Snow

Excellence is defined by the amount of time we are ready to invest in our today. If you need to excel tomorrow take charge of your today. Success is there for that man who is ready to spend his time doing the right thing. But does success come on a silver platter? You can’t spend […]

MUCHSCU 2018/19 Bible Study Groups

AZARIAH Daniel Njuguna Edel Kibor Carol muia Arnold Satia Francis Kihara Christine Irungu Collins Kiptoo Faith kosgei Brian ouma Sharon Kones Allison Kishara Faith cheruiyot   AQUILLA Alphonce Olam Gachoka paul Mahihu Paul Willis Onyango Rosa ziro Sharon chepleting Kendra masiga Derrick waweru Glory Maina Tom odour Lorrraine Ekisa   ARAM Lewis karani Norah muendo […]

My Testimony

Sexuality. Sexual purity. Sex. The brothers’ fellowship has been discussing on sexual purity. There is also a previous post from our brother concerning the same. This is my testimony. I became sexually active because I didn’t want to turn 18 years while still a virgin, also so that if anyone asked me whether I am […]

Lifestyle Evangelism by Bro. Brighton Kavulavu

“Lifestyle evangelism” denotes a strategy in evangelism that stresses on living a holy and winsome life among unbelievers with the objective of attracting people to the message of Jesus Christ. It can otherwise be referred to as friendship evangelism or relational evangelism.  It entails building friendships through which one intends to get opportunities of sharing […]


It’s interesting how you can be feeling that there’s an empty void that needs to be filled with someone and they have absolutely no idea!! That that’s how you feel but they continue innocently living each day as it comes. And we wonder who’s to blame because of their ignorance. Is it us who do […]

Beyond the Wings of Hope.

BEYOND THE WINGS OF HOPE There are times we feel so weak, The strength to fight dies and our zeal turns zero. Our spirit no longer left to will, The wind of misery blows off the light. We see it at the end of the tunnel, And all that is left is darkness with no […]


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