And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

During such hard times, in the midst of a pandemic, when the world is forced to take a seat and think about what’s going on, it sometimes gets quite challenging to see God’s hand in all these. Many questions are arising in the minds of men: Is this still part of God’s will? Is He still in control? Does He really know what’s happening or He’s just assuming it? Even Christians are left struggling with such questions and it is in such moments that I believe we need to remind ourselves of Romans 8:28, that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose.

  1. The Called.

The 1st and most important thing, I believe, is to note that this is a promise made to the elect. They are the children of the new birth, the born-again, the true followers of Christ, those who have died to self. Those who have chosen to live in light of eternity, they are the ones who believe that to live is Christ and to die is gain, they have been crucified with Christ and have surrendered all to Him. They are the children of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Many who use this verse rejoice in the 1st part of it but fail to take note of the 2nd part that talks about those who are qualified to share in this promise. You must have been called by God according to His purpose in order to share in this and no, not everyone in this world is a child of God. The scripture is very clear that they who receive Christ and have been believed in His name are the ones who God has given them the right to be called His children, the rest are trying to own a right that they don’t possess.

How do you share in the promises of God? Believe in the one whom He has sent, Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • The assurance in God

It is God Himself who is ensuring that all these things are working for good, they are not working by chance or as a coincidence but God is actively working in the picture. God takes the life of His children very seriously, more than we will ever come to know. Every experience they go through and how their life unfolds is very important to Him. It is very important for us to draw attention to the God who works all things. That statement without God, it won’t hold. No one else or nothing else has the ability required to fulfil that promise. Nothing happens without His knowledge and nothing happens unless He sovereignly wills it.

We need to rest in the assurance that God is intentional in all He does. He doesn’t play dice as Albert Einstein rightly said. He is a God of objective and there is always something He wants to achieve especially in the lives of the elect. We may not fully understand what this particular objective is but we can trust Him because it is all for our good.

  • ALL things

What are these things exactly? In a summary, it is everything that entails your life; the good times and the bad times, the experiences and challenges, blessings etc. Joseph reminds His brothers in Genesis 50:20 that all the experiences He went through, God intended it all ‘for good’ in order that many lives would be saved through him even though his brothers had intended them for harm. So when things happen that I myself can’t even explain how they fall part of God’s plan, I find comfort in knowing that they fall part of the ‘all things’ that God is working for my good

  • For the good

Lastly, what does this ‘good’ mean? I believe it means that all these things are working to draw us closer to God, for us to see and appreciate His Lordship over our lives , for us to come to the realization that God is enough and supremely satisfying above all things and over all things that we have and go through. All these challenges, experiences, hard times, easy times, they are all working to build our faith in God, moulding us in our life. The most precious gift God can give is Himself and any road that is leading us to behold that gift is working for our good.

By Odeny Kevin.