This committee is concerned with discipling the nations for Christ. It comprises of the following ministries:

Followup: Charged with the responsibility of discipling new believers and organizing for baptism of the church members.

Mentorship: charged with responsibility of nurturing and promoting accountability in the union. Ensures the unions trains it members to be mentors and facilitates assigning of mentors to the first years and new believers.

Library: It is charge with responsibility of managing the resource materials that comprises of: union books, CDs and the recorded sermons. The leaders’ role is to encourage and help the church develop a reading culture for spiritually oriented books. He/she also facilitates the buying, borrowing and returning of the library materials. Also purchases the bibles for the
union members at a subsidized price.

Care ministry: It is responsible with the running of members’ welfare. Care Core Values (C.A.R.E)
1. Concerned we are,
2. Assistance we give,
3. Radiating love,
4. Encouragement to live.
Its functions in the union are as follows: welfare of brethren i. e. spiritual, academic, mental, financial, physical and emotional, assisting brethren to achieve and maintain a state of well-being and potential, radiating God’s love to His people both in the union and outside the union by being exemplary in our living and setting examples for others to follow, educating and sensitize the union on the need to be true bearers of the love of Christ through various forums, carrying out any other duty as shall be assigned by the executive committee from time to time, organizing such forums as seems fit to promote love, unity and bonding among union members and identifying and encouraging the discouraged.

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