The committee is made up of the following ministries:

Drama team: Also known as Bereans from Acts 17:11 ;…they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scripture daily, whether those things were so. Bereans try to illustrate the sermon of the day using drama and examples from our day to day experiences and also other people’s experiences from other walks of life.

We try to bring the humor in various situations even as we exhort or correct various actions and behaviors of our Christian life. We are privileged to host Drama night and Drama afternoon annually where much more drama talent in shown such as skits, plays, spoken word, narrative and any other genre in the drama category.

We meet every Saturday from 5p.m to 7 p.m. to practice for the next day's service but much more regularly in case of an event. We are a lively family, growing together in the Lord.
Praise and worship:  The basic role of the choir/praise and worship is to lead the church in praising and worshiping the Lord. Furthermore, it offers training for new members and well as advancement of skills of those who are already enrolled. These skills include vocal training, learning to play a few instruments and also leadership and social skills. With an average membership of about forty, it has continued to grow steadily in the service of the Lord.

Yearly, it is mandated to conduct a worship night as programmed by the church leadership. Also, on Fridays and Sundays, it is mandated to lead the church in a thirty-minute praise and worship session apart from having a choir song (offertory song). It works hand in hand with the technical crew, especially the instrumentalists, who are also in choir, to have a united sound and worship to the Lord. ‘Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully and shout for joy’, Psalms 33:3.

Publication team: This crew is responsible for handling the union’s social media, graphics, video recording, video editing, article writing and projection.

Hospitality:It is led by the secretary to the worship committee. It exists to execute the following roles in the union: serving refreshments during special events and occasions, serving the preacher and those leading the service, cooking and serving during special occasions and taking care of the church utensils.

Technical crew: the TC is the custodian of the Christian Union’s Public Address system. The Crew ensures proper use, storage and transport of the assets of the PA system, i.e. speakers, power amplifier, mixer, microphones etc. and also in charge of the
musical instruments owned by the CU, e.g. keyboards, guitars etc.

The TC is also in charge in the case of hiring and lending of the assets mentioned. This ministry encourages CU members to serve God even with their bodies. The Technical Crew is led by the Technical Crew Leader.


Ushering: responsible for cleaning and arranging the sanctuary, decoration and drapery, welcoming of members to the sanctuary on service days, collection of offertory. The members work with a motto: ‘In orderliness we serve’

Sanctuary Keepers: It is responsible for the cleaning of the place of worship. Member meet every Friday at 5.00pm to clean and arrange the church in readiness for the service.

Dance Ministry: Its role is to worship God and minister to the union members through the art of dancing. The ministry encourages members to worship God through dance and also as a forum to nurture their dance talents. They meet on Saturday for practice, prayer and fellowship and have monthly bonding sessions.

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